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Cooking Tools name in English | List of Cooking Tools

Here you will see the List of Cooking Tools like Apple Corer, Baking Sheet, Banana Slicer, Basting Spoon, Berry Colander, Butter Cutter, Butter Spreader, etc. It helps you to learn more List of Cooking Tools. And also you can play quizzes with these words. It helps you to learn more words while playing.

List of Cooking Tools

List of Cooking Tools

Here is the List of Cooking Tools. You can get the synonyms, antonyms and rhyming words of every words below by clicking on them.

Apple Corer
Baking Sheet
Banana Slicer
Basting Spoon
Berry Colander
Butter Cutter
Butter Dish
Butter Spreader
Cake Leveler
Cake Pan
Cheese Grater
Cheese Slicer
Cutting Board
Fish Spatula
Frying Pan
Garlic Peeler
Garlic Press
Immersion Blender
Measuring Cups
Melon Baller
Mixing Bowl
Muffin Pan
Rice Cooker
Roasting Pan
Roasting Rack
Salad Spinner
Sugar Thermometer
Tart Pan

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