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Mammals name in English | List of Mammals

Here you will see the List of Mammals like African Buffalo, African Elephant, African Leopard, African Lion, American Bison, Amur Leopard, Arctic Hare, etc. It helps you to learn more List of Mammals. And also you can play quizzes with these words. It helps you to learn more words while playing.

List of Mammals

List of Mammals

Here is the List of Mammals. You can get the synonyms, antonyms and rhyming words of every words below by clicking on them.

African Buffalo
African Elephant
African Leopard
African Lion
American Bison
Amur Leopard
Arctic Fox
Arctic Hare
Asian Black Bear
Asian Elephant
Bactrian Camel
Bengal Cat
Bengal Tiger
Black Jaguar
Black Rhinoceros
Blue Whale
Bornean Orangutan
Bottlenose Dolphin
Bottlenose Whale
Common Dolphin
Eurasian Lynx
Giant Anteater
Giant Otter
Giant Panda
Gray Wolf
Grizzly Bear
Indian Elephant
Indian Rhinoceros
North American Beaver
North American Porcupine
Polar Bear
Red Panda
Snow Leopard
Snowshoe Hare
Sperm Whale
Sumatran Orangutan
Sumatran Tiger
Sunda Pangolin
Western Gorilla
White Lion

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